Kids Mania Pro / A-B-C Alphabets / Mathematics / Q
For mobile and tablets

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"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn". (lgnacio listrada)

So why not you try this app "Kids Mania" to teach your kids. This application is designed by keeping in mind following aspects like kids interest, kids mental strength. Graphics are designed in such way that kids show more interest to learn things. You can say "Kids Mania" just not app but also a teacher in your palm.

Application is divided into Six Sections:

  •  Learning A-B-C Letters
  •  Maths Section
  •  Learning Birds Names
  •  Learning Animal Names
  •  Learning Parts of Body
  •  General Knowledge

* In A-B-C section current view is divided into two parts;

LOWER part contains alphabet and UPPER part contains corresponding image. On tapping the Upper and Lower parts their corresponding sounds are generated. By swiping on screen left and right you can move forward and backward. This feature is very power full for kids to learn A-B-C alphabets.

* The same feature is for Learning Birds names, Animals names, and Parts of Body.

* When you tap on MATHS button a view will appear that contain also sections with following;

  •  Counting
  •  Plus questions
  •  Minus Questions
  •  Divisions Questions
  •  Subtraction Questions

* Each Portion in Maths is highly knowledgeable for kids.

In counting section a counts characters is displayed with corresponding number of counts of different daily routine object that looking around us. when you swipe on screen left and right counting sound is generated that attract kids more toward in learning counting.

* In Plus Question section there is ten numbers of questions with there answers that is randomly displayed kids have to choose the right answer. On taping of answer option result of question will be shown either it is wrong or right. There will also score maintenance of scores. The same strategy is used with all of Minus, division , multiplications portions.

So you can say it, its a BEST way to Teach your Kids with art of maths. Highly attractable graphics are designed so that kids did not bore. Its an amazing way to teach your child the art of maths.

* In general knowledge section there come different question with different option you have to choose the right option. if choice is wrong you can see the answer as well by just taping the button. There is handsome collection of questions by which your child can increase there power of general knowledge by just swiping the screen left and right. So you can say "Kids Mania" is not an app its a teacher in you palm, have a best wishes for your kids.

Its ads supported version.

Developed by: Joltatech