Its road runner game for iPhone, where you can run for life and bonus points. you have good controls to drive your heavy runner, you can make jumps, slide down the hurdles, punch the hurdles to break them.

Its a kind of line runner, temple

Break the glasses and go through the levels, enjoy and have fun.

Its simple Urdu News reader, News are updated daily.

"Urdu Daily" is really a very handy app. Can read the updated news on your finger tips instantly. Can read the sports, science and business news every day in the Urdu lan

Its a good tic tac toe game for iPhone and iPad. Can play with different difficulty levels. Can play as single player vs device or two player, player vs player.

Nice graphics and animations are used.

Put your comments please for good

Labyrinth Ball puzzle is another interesting puzzle game for iPhone from joltatech, where you hold your phone parallel to the ground and slightly control the movement of ball. You kids can play this addictive game. Its a good leis